Hey Travelers! Here Are 5 Things To Know Before Visiting South Korea

Hey Travelers! Here Are 5 Things To Know Before Visiting South Korea

feistychef.ca – Did you know that you are not allowed to eat faster than someone older than you in South Korea? Did you know that writing someone’s name in red ink symbolizes death? Well, South Korea has many things to learn. You might find it weird but that is how you should blend with the people there. Or they might find you ackward. So, here are some good things you should learn before visiting South Korea.

Get Ready For The Weather

For you who are living in an area with the full sunrays visiting South Korea during December. It is very cold and the temperature will drop below freezing. So, it is better for you to prepare the right clothes. Or just be careful with the weather so you can enjoy the beauty of this country.

It Is Better To Try Public Transport

South Korea has a very good public transportation system. Instead of renting a car that can be so pricey, why don’t you just get lost in the city and enjoy the crowd? It is fun  if you can interact with the locals too!

Always Check The Weather

Certain season like summer is the highest peak season for visiting South Korea. It starts in June to August, then it will change to monsoon season that this country will have monsoon that you will see more rain in many areas.

Some areas during summer will be full of crowd such as beaches, moutains and islands. It means you will find the accomodation price doubled and probably you will have a chance to see a typhoon too.

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Be Aware With Some Public Demonstration

Is it possible for a country like South Korea to have public demonstration? Of course it is possible. It is important too to get some update about the political situation. You might not enjoy your holiday a lot when you have to face certain condition. Check some updates especially to areas near the US military bases.

Be Safe In Public Transport

South Korea might be one of the safest country, but you should watch yourself when you are on a public transportation. Normally, some people who are sitting under you will tug at the bad which means you want you to rest the bag on their lap. If you are not so sure, just decline  it politely. Or, you can place your bag on their lap but let the strap around your arms.

Additionally, it is good if you can speak some words of the local lingo. That will be awesome too when you need a help then you ask them in a polite way and use their language.

Top 4 Foodie’s Guide When Visiting South Korea

Top 4 Foodie’s Guide When Visiting South Korea

feistychef.ca – Thinking about the heaven of food? Then go to South Korea! You will crave for their street food soon. Seafood pancakes modified with kimchi, grilled chicken, waffles and many more. Eating has never been so fun when you visit this beautiful country. Surprisingly, you will never get enough even though you think you are full.

Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)

Do you think rice is boring? Well, Tteokbbokki will be your new favorite snack. It comes with a stick shape and orange sauce which is called gochujang. Gochujang is fermented soybean combined with the red chili. This sauce is commonly used in many Korean dishes, such as bibimbap. So, if you also hate spicy food, then it is time to look away. It is very delicious.

At the past, this snack used to be the royal snack. But now things are different. Everyone can enjoy this chewy rice cake. Eating it while hot will gives you overwhelming sensation.

Korean Fried Chicken

Have you ever thought about a fusion of American fried chicken with Korean taste? But this comes with smaller slices? Yes, you should try this (yangnyeom tongdak). The taste is very rich with the spicy honey sauce, peanuts, garlic, and chili flakes. It is really crunchy from the outside but at the same time, your tongue will want the smooth chicken more. It is so tasty!

Korean likes eating this snack with beer or mekju. It is more like local beer with pickles.  For the combo version, you can call it chimek which means the combination of mekju and chicken. It is so popular in South Korea that even people eat this together with their friends.

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Twigim (Korean Tempura)

After tasting chimek, now it is time to order twigim. This is Korean-style tempura. When you mostly find tempura is made of fish sausage, then this one is made of succulent squid, sweet potatoes, vegetables and also boiled eggs. The taste is so rich and you will not find such tempura outside Korea.

Gimbap (Korean Sushi)

So, Korean also has its own sushi which is called as gimbap. It is made of sticky rice with seaweed and another tasty thing like chicken, vegetables, or avocado stuffed inside the rice. Then it is covered by the seaweed and rolled. Oh yeah, usually you will find gimbap stuffed with tofu, spinach, surimi, meat, egg roll, and pickled radish. Sometimes it can contain butter lettuce leaf.

So, just don’t eat anything from your hotel when you visit this country. You will regret that because you cannot enjoy the food.