Vegetarian Lasagna

I love lasagna. The cheesy, gooey lasagna. But, since being in my meatless faze, I decided to forgo my usual meat version  and try a roasted vegetable one. This was easy enough; fresh pasta sheets, bechamel sauce, roasted vegetables and cheese (lots and lots of cheese!). The mix of vegetables; sweet potato, peppers, onions, mushrooms, [...]

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January Cooking Classes

January is almost here and now that the holidays are almost OVER, I bet you’re looking for something super fun! Or, how about a great gift idea? Why not sign up for a Feisty Chef Cooking Class? Getting Over The Holiday Hangover JANUARY 10th – In this class, we will cook up some delicious & [...]

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Life Gives You A Carrot? Make A Salad.

An ongoing issue at my house is the fact that I do not like salad. There, I said it, and believe me when I tell you that I have not made friends with salad. Unfortunately, my most manly and handsome husband thrives on eating salads, and makes an attempt every night to get me to [...]

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Sunday Night Dinner #4: Spicy Vegetatian Curry

Ok, ok, I know. I missed the last Sunday Night Dinner post, but I have a good excuse. Great people were over for an authentic Nova Scotia dinner and somehow too much wine was consumed and no pictures or writing took place. Can you blame me? Hopefully not. One of our guests actually blogged about [...]

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