My Market Inspiration

This is the time of year when inspiration can still be lurking in my closet, just waiting for the sunshine and flowers to arrive. But, give me a solid day at the farmers’ market and a lil’ bit if old fashioned sunshine and that inspiration can manage to emerge for a few hours. On this [...]

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Sunday Night Dinner #7: Kitchen Sink Soup

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….wait, that’s just a typical Sunday at my house! I don’t think I need to go into any detail as to what happened on this last Sunday; I had dragged my sorry ass into the kitchen to make us a somewhat healthy and hot [...]

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Sunday Night Dinner #6: Cold Udon Salad

This past Sunday was extra special to us here in Dartmouth. Not only was it the season finale of “Mad Men”, but it was my 36th birthday! I  had but one wish on this blustery Sunday – to sleep in until 7am! But to no avail, as the lil’ people must have sensed something and [...]

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Sunday Night Dinner #5: Fried Green Tomatoes

With the way that I have been starting my Sunday posts, people are probably starting to think that I am a major crab nebula and that I spend my Saturday nights shakin’ it up. Of course, this past Sunday was no different. After getting a rude awakening at 5am after being out at a humongous [...]

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Sunday Night Dinner #4: Spicy Vegetatian Curry

Ok, ok, I know. I missed the last Sunday Night Dinner post, but I have a good excuse. Great people were over for an authentic Nova Scotia dinner and somehow too much wine was consumed and no pictures or writing took place. Can you blame me? Hopefully not. One of our guests actually blogged about [...]

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