It is almost here! That one night out of the year where lovemaking is all around us, and what do we need to eat to make it happen? One might call it an “aphrodisiac”, some might call it revolting, but I like to order these by the dozen and slurp them down with reckless abandon. [...]

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Scallop, Celeriac & Beetroot Salad

Looking for a super simple, yet elegant salad for this holiday season? Here is one of my favorites! Crunchy, salty and sweet, this salad is perfect to start one of those heavy, sleep inducing holiday meals. This simple raw salad or slaw can be made and dressed in advance. The seared scallops should be made [...]

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Chefs’ Congress Dinner

It isn’t very often that chefs can get together to enjoy an evening of fun and frolic, but on Monday, June 20th, at Chives Canadian Bistro, it happened. What kind of event could bring together the well known Canadian chef from Toronto, Michael Stadtlander, Craig Flinn of Chives, Michael Howell of Tempest Restaurant, Ray Bear [...]

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Costas’ Spice Is Ever So Nice

It doesn’t take much to make me smile. A nap, a glass of wine or some extra stinky cheese can often be enough. But on a day where I thought I might lose my mind, just as the screams from my kids were piercing my ears, a smooth male voice came to me from my [...]

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Sunday Night Dinner #6: Cold Udon Salad

This past Sunday was extra special to us here in Dartmouth. Not only was it the season finale of “Mad Men”, but it was my 36th birthday! I  had but one wish on this blustery Sunday – to sleep in until 7am! But to no avail, as the lil’ people must have sensed something and [...]

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