Scallop, Celeriac & Beetroot Salad

Looking for a super simple, yet elegant salad for this holiday season? Here is one of my favorites! Crunchy, salty and sweet, this salad is perfect to start one of those heavy, sleep inducing holiday meals. This simple raw salad or slaw can be made and dressed in advance. The seared scallops should be made [...]

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Cutting Edge Culinary Competition

Last year I participated in the first ever “Cutting Edge Culinary Competition” organized by Taste of Nova Scotia at the Saltscapes Expo. If you hadn’t already heard, last year I was the winner of this competition. Thanks to my win I was able to walk away with a full set of Grohmann knives and a [...]

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Get Your Udon On!

About ten years ago, I was invited to my sister-in-laws’ parents house for a traditional Japanese meal. There in the kitchen were several generations of Taira women cooking up a storm! Udon, tempura, gyoza, teriyaki & sushi all being prepared while these women talked and gossiped. It was amazing to see them work together, rhythmically, [...]

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Les Coquilles Chez Lavallée

My mother used to pride herself on her “Coquilles St. Jacques” whenever guests came over. Out came the pink, scallop shells, the tiny forks and the “good” china. I remember having my first taste and finding it salty and sweet. Scallops have played a major role in my life since my first salivating scallop moment [...]

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