Sunday Night Dinner #1: Fig & Prosciutto Salad

So, I’ve been trying to think about something that I could write about on a regular basis. I had a few thoughts about Top Ten Lists. I like it the idea, but I only have so many top tens in my life. I could talk about my kids, but who wants to hear about Zoe’s [...]

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Crunchy Salad

I  recently had a request for a gluten and dairy free recipe. As most of you know by now, bread and cheese are two of my favourite things, but felt that I should expand my horizons and come up with a dish that would accommodate people that have allergies or aversions to these. So, with [...]

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Super Soba Sunday

This past Sunday I woke up with what I refer to as a “food hangover”. Copious amounts of Serrano ham, “pan con tomate“, Manchego cheese and many other culinary delights, still swirled in my enormous 8½ month pregnant belly. The last thing that I even wanted to think about was food, but a persistent  1½ [...]

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Who Says You Can’t Make Friends With Salad?

Back in the good ‘ol days, I used to work at a restaurant in Chelsea, Quebec, called Les Fougères. At Les Fougères, I got the chance to work alongside Charlie & Jennifer Part; the chef-owners of the restaurant. During the few years that I worked there, I learned many, many things, and have consequently thanked [...]

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