Blue Cheese Please

As we all well know, I am a lover of cheese; it’s no secret. But, did you know I have a love-hate relationship with blue cheese dressing? This super overused dressing/condiment can be found at every pub, salad bar and mediocre restaurant. I would never, ever indulge in eating the stuff in public, let alone make some [...]

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Rice Noodle Salad

It seems that as my days get busier and the weather gets hotter, it is a huge challenge for me to whip up a meal. We all have things we have as “go-to’s”, and my go-to is always a simple cold noodle salad. I know that many of us may not keep such ingredients in [...]

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Chefs’ Congress Dinner

It isn’t very often that chefs can get together to enjoy an evening of fun and frolic, but on Monday, June 20th, at Chives Canadian Bistro, it happened. What kind of event could bring together the well known Canadian chef from Toronto, Michael Stadtlander, Craig Flinn of Chives, Michael Howell of Tempest Restaurant, Ray Bear [...]

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Life Gives You A Carrot? Make A Salad.

An ongoing issue at my house is the fact that I do not like salad. There, I said it, and believe me when I tell you that I have not made friends with salad. Unfortunately, my most manly and handsome husband thrives on eating salads, and makes an attempt every night to get me to [...]

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Sunday Night Dinner #2: Grilled Beef & Corn Salad

I should start off by letting you know that this actually did not take place on a “Sunday’, but due to the long weekend, I figured no one would mind my ‘lil white lie! This easy peasy meal was brought on by the upcoming hurricane (Earl that devil!), and I figured was a good time [...]

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