Superbowl Spiced Nuts

Here’s a quick recipe for some awesome spiced mixed nuts. This is an awesome Superbowl snack and beer is definitely the ideal pairing. Give this recipe a try and let me know what you think! WARNING: These nuts are addictive. Seriously.

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Crunchy Salad

I  recently had a request for a gluten and dairy free recipe. As most of you know by now, bread and cheese are two of my favourite things, but felt that I should expand my horizons and come up with a dish that would accommodate people that have allergies or aversions to these. So, with [...]

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Super Soba Sunday

This past Sunday I woke up with what I refer to as a “food hangover”. Copious amounts of Serrano ham, “pan con tomate“, Manchego cheese and many other culinary delights, still swirled in my enormous 8½ month pregnant belly. The last thing that I even wanted to think about was food, but a persistent  1½ [...]

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My Cure for the Sunday Blues

Nothing makes me happier than a freshly baked muffin, especially a blueberry one! I have the tendency to buy up tons of fresh, local blueberries during the summer so that I can freeze them and pull them out all winter long. On a recent sunny Sunday while feeling blue, I thought that the perfect pick [...]

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Cool As A “Sea” Cucumber

A lovely lady named Jennifer Reynolds gave me a few bags of cleaned Sea Cucumber last Sunday when we were both finishing up at the Catch Seafood Festival.  Jennifer had spent some of the weekend cooking up this mysterious creature of the sea, and kindly offered me some to take home and experiment with.  My [...]

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