Kunjip In Koreatown – NYC Day 3

Our third day in New York started off fairly regularly for a Saturday; coffee, bagel and Farmers’ market. It was what we ate on this day that made us realize that we were not in Halifax anymore! Doug decided that he wanted us to get off the beaten path and try something different, hence a [...]

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It Was So Nice, We Had To Go Twice – NYC Day 2

I have never been a die hard fan or follower of the “celebrity chef’, but I was very curious to try out Mario Batali’s two Spanish resto’s in New York’s Grammercy Park. After a full day of walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and eating various forms of street meat, we ventured back up to our  [...]

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A New York-ing We Will Go – NYC Day 1

Believe it or not, my husband turns thirty this weekend, and I thought that a trip to NYC for his birthday would be amazing.  So, over comes Grammy to watch the lil’ ham for a few days and away we go. Watch out Big Apple, here we come to eat you! We arrived in Manhattan [...]

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