Ding-a-ling, I Think it’s Spring!

When I see the crocuses in my backyard starting to flower, I know that there is a light at the end of this very cold and miserable tunnel. What is the bright light I see? Why, it’s spring! This past Saturday, I had an early morning wake up call before a much needed trip to [...]

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Maple fans rejoice!

Looking for something to do April 16th? Perhaps a night of food and wine? Meet some interesting people? Well if that sounds like a super fantabulous night then you are in for a treat! I will be doing my 8th Chefs Night at Sugar Moon Farm. Yes, count ‘em, 8. Oh the excitement! (Read about [...]

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Mama’s Pudding Chomeur…Not for the Faint of Heart!

My mother, bless her big ol’ heart, has a thing about sweets. This lady has been known to sit down in one sitting and eat a whole sugar pie; bit by glorious bit, or even spend an evening dipping some Pontiac Home Bakery bread in a vat of maple syrup (my parents buy it by [...]



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