Jar Fulls of Goodness

It is that time of year again. Labour Day weekend has come and gone, the kids are back at school, and the farmers’ markets are full of bounty. Right now, you can find everything from cucumbers to tomatoes, beets to beans and many fruits like apples and pears. Now, I know, even as a chef, [...]

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My Love Affair with Les Fougères

I am no food reviewer, and its not often that I write about restaurants or the meals I’ve eaten in them, but when it comes to Les Fougerès, I gotta give them a shout out! Charlie & Jennifer Part are the brains behind this operation that is found deep in the Gatineau Hills (Chelsea to [...]


La Petite Gourmande

I once had a co-worker at Les Fougères, who had a four year old boy. He told me a story one day about his son that made me laugh. After hearing this story I hoped that if I ever had kids, mine would do the same. He explained that his family had been invited over [...]

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Who Says You Can’t Make Friends With Salad?

Back in the good ‘ol days, I used to work at a restaurant in Chelsea, Quebec, called Les Fougères. At Les Fougères, I got the chance to work alongside Charlie & Jennifer Part; the chef-owners of the restaurant. During the few years that I worked there, I learned many, many things, and have consequently thanked [...]

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