Green Thumbs – Big & Small

Every year I make the promise to start a garden, and every year I do, but by mid-August, there is usually nothing left but a few burnt looking bushes and some sad looking herbs. It seems that I often bite off more than I can chew. This year I decided to start off slowly and [...]

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More Than Mush

Here is something that you may not know about me; I have two small children, yes, count ‘em, two. Okay, that isn’t earth shattering nor is it an anomaly, but I bet you didn’t know that I personally make a point of making all the food that they eat. I know that there are many [...]

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Terrible Two’s Carrot Muffins

These days, I find myself fighting with my 2 year old on a daily basis. Is it because she is knee deep in the terrible two’s? Perhaps. But one of the biggest issues we have is her “choice” in what she now wants to eat. This is coming from my perfect child whom I bragged [...]

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Cookie Monster

My mother often tells the story of my first cooking venture. When I was two, my mother had me propped up on a chair in our kitchen, so I could help her make oatmeal cookies. I was so enthusiastic about this, that when her back was turned I ate a whole cup of flour! Yep, [...]



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