More Than Mush

Here is something that you may not know about me; I have two small children, yes, count ‘em, two. Okay, that isn’t earth shattering nor is it an anomaly, but I bet you didn’t know that I personally make a point of making all the food that they eat. I know that there are many [...]

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My Big Day Downtown

It is not very often that I get offered money to use for fun and frivolity. I was recently asked to spend $100 in downtown Halifax by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission; a task I thought would be a cake walk, but after agonizing over how and on what I would spend my big bucks, [...]

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It was a meal fit for our new king!

By now most of you know that every Saturday morning, Doug & I round up Zoe, and now Philippe, before heading out to the Farmers’ Market to grab our supplies for the week. On this particular Saturday, seeing as it was Philly Boy’s first ever trip, we decided that we would splurge and grab more [...]

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La Petite Gourmande

I once had a co-worker at Les Fougères, who had a four year old boy. He told me a story one day about his son that made me laugh. After hearing this story I hoped that if I ever had kids, mine would do the same. He explained that his family had been invited over [...]

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She Ain’t No Gerber Baby

  Eight months ago I  gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, and decided at that moment that she was going to be a “Bébé Gourmand”.  I’ve taken it upon myself to make all of my little monkey’s food in hopes of developing her palate at a young age.  Here are a few tips and [...]

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