My Winter Crisp on Breakfast Television

For those of you who were up at the crack of dawn, shoveling yourselves out from the first of two snowstorms, you may have caught me  looking ever so bright eyed and bushy on Breakfast Television. Today, I shared my recipe for Pear and Blueberry Crisp with Heidi, the loveliest of tv hosts, and talked [...]

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Happy Birthday & Birthing Jean!

It seems that my sis in law and I have a similar pattern when it comes to having babies; they’re always close together! Jean just gave birth to bébé #2, Oscar, and also celebrated her own birthday a few days later. To celebrate her “birthing-day” and her birthday, we had Jean and her better half, [...]

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The Random Rhubarb

Doug and I have lived in our little blue house on Lake Banook in Dartmouth for 3 years now, and it wasn’t until this spring, while doing some major yard work, that I discovered a very random patch of rhubarb growing in our yard. How exciting, I thought. It reminded me of my childhood days, [...]

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The Key to the Pie

I recently returned form a trip down to southern Florida and decided that after watching many episodes of “Dexter“, that I too, needed to find the perfect Key Lime Pie! After many tastings and many disappointments, I decided to take the task into my own hands and attempt to make my own. Here is the [...]

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Rhubarb and Brioche Trifle

Rhubarb – that sweet and sour spring miracle.  I love the first rhubarb cuttings of the season; a vibrant pink and a little bit sweeter than the older rhubarb which tends to be  thicker and greener. Here is a great little recipe that I do with rhubarb that is dead simple and easy to personalize.

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