La Petite Gourmande

I once had a co-worker at Les Fougères, who had a four year old boy. He told me a story one day about his son that made me laugh. After hearing this story I hoped that if I ever had kids, mine would do the same. He explained that his family had been invited over [...]

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The Tale of “The Cheese”

How do I start this post? This is a top secret post, about a cheese that I would consider a “Snuffleupagus” (for the Sesame Street watchers, you know what I mean!). It is a cheese known to few, eaten by many, and produced by no one. Whatever am I talking about? I am talking about [...]

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Chef Boyardee’s Got Nothing On Me!

I am a creature of habit; old habits die hard in my household.  Sunday night has always been that one night of the week that I find most peculiar; kinda sad, kinda boring.  The one thing that Sunday has also always been is pasta night!  Growing up, Sunday night meant spaghetti with homemade meat sauce, [...]

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Et Tu BBQ?

  There is something primal about the smell of a charcoal fire.  Over at my house, we have a great old school Weber that we absolutely adore!  I was so happy when a foggy, rainy Tuesday actually ended up being the most glorious and sunny day so far this spring .  We decided to spark [...]

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Cheese Please

When I die, I want to go live in a cheese shop in Italy. Here are a few of my favorite cheeses. Taleggio (Italy) Murazzano (Italy) Pecorino Sardo (Italy) Fougerous (France) Le Sieur De Duplessis (New Brunswick) Robiola (Italy) Old Growler (Nova Scotia) Bleu Benedictin (Quebec) Pied De Vent (Iles De La Madeleine) Manchego (Spain)



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