My Market Inspiration

This is the time of year when inspiration can still be lurking in my closet, just waiting for the sunshine and flowers to arrive. But, give me a solid day at the farmers’ market and a lil’ bit if old fashioned sunshine and that inspiration can manage to emerge for a few hours. On this [...]

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Life Gives You A Carrot? Make A Salad.

An ongoing issue at my house is the fact that I do not like salad. There, I said it, and believe me when I tell you that I have not made friends with salad. Unfortunately, my most manly and handsome husband thrives on eating salads, and makes an attempt every night to get me to [...]

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Terrible Two’s Carrot Muffins

These days, I find myself fighting with my 2 year old on a daily basis. Is it because she is knee deep in the terrible two’s? Perhaps. But one of the biggest issues we have is her “choice” in what she now wants to eat. This is coming from my perfect child whom I bragged [...]

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The Jarring Continues – Pickles & Chow

I know that I’ve already written about the whole pickling/preserving deal, but for the past few weekends, while my crack head kids have decided to behave, I’ve actually gotten some pretty cool pickling done and wanted to share it with y’all. My first weekend, I managed to get a batch of Corn Relish and Green [...]

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