A Fashionably Late Friday Night

What does it take to get me out on a rainy and windy Friday night? Perhaps the glimmer of hope that my two kids will be staying at home instead of coming out with me? Maybe it is the fact that someone is actually going to give me money to spend on gifts? Or, it [...]

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My Big Day Downtown

It is not very often that I get offered money to use for fun and frivolity. I was recently asked to spend $100 in downtown Halifax by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission; a task I thought would be a cake walk, but after agonizing over how and on what I would spend my big bucks, [...]

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A Tourist In My Own Town

I have been living in Halifax for almost four years, and you would think that I would’ve done the “tourist” thing by now, but alas, I have not. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Doug, Zoe & I decided to take in Halifax, through the eyes of a “tourist”. Off we went to catch the ferry [...]

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