Sunday Night Dinner #2: Grilled Beef & Corn Salad

I should start off by letting you know that this actually did not take place on a “Sunday’, but due to the long weekend, I figured no one would mind my ‘lil white lie! This easy peasy meal was brought on by the upcoming hurricane (Earl that devil!), and I figured was a good time [...]

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The Grilled Pizza Epiphany

While scanning Twitter the other day, I came across a tweet by Smitten Kitchen about a “Shaved Asparagus Pizza“. Having just purchased 2lbs of fresh asparagus at the market that morning, and wanting to try out my pizza stone on our Weber grill, I decided to take the Smitten Kitchen recipe and use it as [...]

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Chimichurri; A Gaucho’s Best Friend

  I am by no means an Argentinian Gaucho, but I do enjoy my chimichurri!  This classic sauce has been bastardized by many, but I prefer to keep mine simple and close to its original roots.  I recently purchased a beef roast from Getaway Farm (at the Halifax Farmers’ Market), marinated it for a few [...]

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Et Tu BBQ?

  There is something primal about the smell of a charcoal fire.  Over at my house, we have a great old school Weber that we absolutely adore!  I was so happy when a foggy, rainy Tuesday actually ended up being the most glorious and sunny day so far this spring .  We decided to spark [...]

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