5 Ways to Find “Food Gems” When Traveling

There used to be a time in my life when I traveled. Of course this was all pre-marriage, pre-babies and pre-adult life. I relish the days when my trips around the globe consisted of me eating my way through an unknown land, drinking like it was 1999 and having no responsibilities. Well, that has all [...]

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Sexy Salsify

It was on a recent Saturday morning trip to the Halifax Brewery Market, that I was pleasantly surprised to see salsify amongst the vegetables being sold by Ted Hutten of Hutten Family Farm. I had been introduced to salsify back in my Toronto days when Anthony Walsh, Executive Chef of Canoe, brought a box of [...]

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Wanna Be A Chef?

Have you ever thought about entering the culinary field? Does watching the Food Network make you want to walk into your boss’s office the next day and pull a Kevin Spacey a la “American Beauty”? Maybe you are a high school student who enjoys cooking but haven’t a clue about what goes on behind those [...]


My Indian Chutney Choices

Most Sundays during the winter, I wake to darkness and cold here in Halifax and all I can think of is what shall we eat today? Not a Sunday goes by in my house where one of my three favorite sauces does not come out to  play. First, there is the Tamarind chutney; sour and [...]

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The Perfect Pork Roast

There are a few things in life that I truly enjoy; one of those things is anything that has to do with pigs, pork and pork products. Every Christmas when the Lavallée clan gathers in Shawville, Quebec, my mother calls upon one of the many farmers in the area to slaughter a pig for us [...]

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