TIBS Family Dinners

What makes me think of community and family? How about sitting down at a long, communal table and breaking bread with others? Well, if you feel the same way as I do, then you are in for a real treat! I recently started doing dinners at Two If By Sea Café in Dartmouth; pairing up [...]

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A Fashionably Late Friday Night

What does it take to get me out on a rainy and windy Friday night? Perhaps the glimmer of hope that my two kids will be staying at home instead of coming out with me? Maybe it is the fact that someone is actually going to give me money to spend on gifts? Or, it [...]

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Les Coquilles Chez Lavallée

My mother used to pride herself on her “Coquilles St. Jacques” whenever guests came over. Out came the pink, scallop shells, the tiny forks and the “good” china. I remember having my first taste and finding it salty and sweet. Scallops have played a major role in my life since my first salivating scallop moment [...]

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Shellfish, wine, sun, friends…Success!

Nothing makes me happier than when a perfect plan comes together…sunny Saturday, friends, food and wine. I was lucky enough to have my friend Nick & his wife Nicole come over to my house with the most spectacular oysters and clams, that Nick’s family harvests. Add some cheeses, bread, veggies & meat that were acquired [...]

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