Berry-Berry Delicious

It is that time of year! The smell of sweet strawberries is in the air, and you can find pints of these red berries in abundance everywhere. My earliest and fondest memory of the ruby red berry is of my father taking me to the local u-pick. Here, he would hand me a large basket [...]

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Tuesdays are here to stay.

For the past two years, Tuesdays have been the days when my Chronicle Herald column would come out. Now, that my column is no longer running, I felt the need to continue my “Tuesday” stories of food and fun. I promise, whole heartedly,  to have a new post every Tuesday and even a few peppered [...]

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Jambon Dans Le Petit Moulin

We all have childhood memories; smells, tastes, textures. One particular food memory for me was when my maman would boil a ham. It sounds pretty simple, and it was, but what came out of this ham was pretty darn good. The boiling liquid would get saved for ham and pea soup, and after a few days [...]

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My Secret Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

This spaghetti sauce was a favourite of mine growing up  and now it has become a favourite my own family. This is the first time that I’m sharing this recipe with the masses! Make a batch and invite your friends and family over for a feast.

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It is almost here! That one night out of the year where lovemaking is all around us, and what do we need to eat to make it happen? One might call it an “aphrodisiac”, some might call it revolting, but I like to order these by the dozen and slurp them down with reckless abandon. [...]

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