Tuesdays are here to stay.

Tomato Tartine

A slice of summer.

For the past two years, Tuesdays have been the days when my Chronicle Herald column would come out. Now, that my column is no longer running, I felt the need to continue my “Tuesday” stories of food and fun. I promise, whole heartedly,  to have a new post every Tuesday and even a few peppered in between too.

For my first Tuesday post, I want to share a super simple yet beautiful snack that I recently made for my Sunday family dinners. Every second Sunday, my husbands family gathers to eat, talk and hang out. I feel this is very important not only for my husband, but for our two kids. Family time over the dinner table is something that has become extinct, and I am trying to bring it back!

This particular Sunday, the hot house tomatoes had just appeared at the market and Doug had made a batch of his now famous, no-knead bread. With mere minutes to whip up a spectacular looking dinner for ten people, I threw together a few simple and tasty ingredients that were lurking in my fridge; pickled red onions, goats cheese and pea shoots. I quickly toasted slices of the day old bread and gave them a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper. My mixed coloured tomatoes, some fresh basil from my garden and a good splash of olive oil finished the pretty dish. So simple, yet so satisfying. Once placed on a platter on our dinner table, the ooh’s and aah’s came out and everyone tucked in to a delicious treat.

Now that Summer is here, feel free to take what I have made and use it as an outline. I love loading my home made crostinis with everything from smashed peas and mint with feta, to earthy roasted chanterelle mushrooms with bacon.  Invite your family over for dinner and wow them with your simple Sunday meal.

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