Getting Into a Pickle

Dill Pickles

Dilly goodness.

There is something very meditative about pickling. In my world of poopy diapers and tantrums, the thought of spending an uninterrupted afternoon where my biggest challenge is getting the wee cucumbers into the cumbersome jars, is a dream.

I recently had someone say to me “the best pickle will always be the homemade pickle”, so I vowed to make my own this year.

Making your own pickles is by no means rocket science, but if done properly, can become a hot commodity amongst people you know. I recently made a batch where I ended up with 20, 500ml jars, and I have already eaten 2 and given away 4 (I made them last week!). If I continue on this path, I shall have no more by the end of this month! So, I am going to make another batch, keep them hidden, and pray that they turn out just as good as the first!

If you have a 3 hour break in your day and want some exciting fun? Make some dill pickles.

Dilly Pickles

  • 7lbs baby cucumbers; washed
  • 3 heads garlic; cloves peeled & kept whole
  • 1 bunch dill about to seed


  • 19 C water
  • 5 1/2 C white vinegar
  • 1 C coarse salt

Sterilize the jars and tops and set aside. Make the brine by combining the ingredients and bringing to a boil; set aside. Place the washed cucumbers in the jars, making sure to get as many shoved in their as humanly possible. Don’t be scared to use a little muscle. Add 3 cloves of garlic and a few sprigs of the dill to each jar. Cover with the brine, seal and process in simmering water for 13-15 minutes.

Makes approximately 20 x 500ml jars.

We ate our first jar after a week and they were great. If have more will power than us, you could probably leave them for little longer to maximize the flavour. Enjoy. And remember, you will always be loved if you show up with a jar of homemade pickles.

Dill Pickle Collage

Ain't no party like a pickling party.

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