Slow Food Spring Supper

SFNS Spring Supper

The Slow Food crew in action!

I was lucky enough to be one of the chefs included in the Slow Food Nova Scotia Spring Dinner which took place last Saturday night (May 7) at the Christ Church in Dartmouth. What made this evening so special? Perhaps it was the fact that I got to spend some time with an old sous chef whom I truly miss (Johnny!) or the fact that I got to hang out and gossip with some of my peers…Dennis of Fid Resto, Paolo of jane’s on the common, Michael of Tempest Restaurant, Craig and Darren of Chives Canadian Bistro, Graeme of Brooklyn Warehouse and Chris of Ryan Duffy’s.

With my mug full of red wine and a few slick jokes ready to be unleashed on the boys, the evening began with a bang! A full house of anxiously  awaiting guests kept us all on our toes, but what went on behind the scenes was the best part of the night. A little camaraderie and a lot of teasing went on upstairs where Michael, Paolo, Johnny and Betty Bartel (aka The Bartelatron 3000) plated over 300 plates, while we laughed and joked with one another. Our gorgeous plates all went out without any major glitches and at the end of the night, we found ourselves making promises to hang out more often and spend more time together.

I am thankful for my fellow chefs in this province. We are a motley crew, but we are always willing to help each other out and always ready share some real laughs together! My Slow Food Spring Supper report may not talk about the amazing food we all served and ate – but for me, good times, good drinks and good friends are what made the evening memorable. This for me is conviviality!


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