A Fashionably Late Friday Night

What does it take to get me out on a rainy and windy Friday night? Perhaps the glimmer of hope that my two kids will be staying at home instead of coming out with me? Maybe it is the fact that someone is actually going to give me money to spend on gifts? Or, it could be the fact that Bishop’s Cellar was having one of their tastings and that this one was not to be missed!

Well folks, it took all of the above! I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the Shop Fashionably Late At Bishop’s Landing along with four other bloggers extraordinaire from the Halifax area (#1, #2, #3 & #4). We converged at Cafe Ristretto to meet one another and to pick our Secret Santa names. Now, having done a lil’ research on all four, I was in for a daunting task! I, a measly “cook” would have to perhaps shop for an artist, some fashionable peeps, or even a dapper young man. Taking a very deep breath and letting my liquid courage from my earlier tasting at Bishop’s Cellar help me out, I picked that one name…it was Laura aka: Pixies In A Glass House. Oh my, this would be difficult.

Laura writes about fashionable things and fashionable people, so me, a Converse and jean wearing mama who always has baby vomit stuck on me somewhere, was probably the worst person to have picked her. Feeling a little discouraged, I dragged my sorry ass outta the cafe and hit up the only place in Bishop’s Landing that I thought might have something for this young and hip chicky. Turbine, a local store that carries Nova Scotia’s own Lisa Drader-Murphy’s designs, was the perfect place for me to find something. With the help of my friend, Shannon, and the owner & designer herself, I  managed to come across a few things that I thought Laura might like, but just as I was about to decided, in she walked and the owner gave me a wink and told me to come back later, in hopes that she would catch Laura looking at something in particular. Off I went, and hit up a few more stores in Bishop’s Landing.

A stop at Sugah! and Rum Runners and One Stop Wood Shop were in order just in case I could find something else, before hitting up Ristorante a Mano for a quick glass of wine courtesy of their fabulous and lovely manager, Kelly Neil. Now back to Turbine to see if Laura had hovered over any one item.

It seems Laura had coveted a few items, and with the help of those around me, I decided to get her the signature “Obi” belt and crossed my fingers that she would like it! Back to the cafe to see what everyone got and to check out who my Secret Santa was!

Well, Shelagh from the blog “Alice Loves Art And Tea” ended up being my Secret Santa, and she knew exactly what to get this curmudgeon for Christmas; a bottle of Chilean red from Bishop’s Cellar (she couldn’t believe that they had me on file for likes/dislikes!)  and a gorgeous cutting board from the One Stop Wood Shop.

With gifts in hand, my friend and I walked back into the dark and rainy night feeling like we had accomplished a great deal at the Fashionably Late At Bishop’s Landing and are planning on returning this coming weekend to take in some more of the fabulous shopping during the extended evening hours! Grab your friends, stop by many of the stores that have amazing and knowledgeable staff, buy lots o gifts then grab something to eat and drink at one of the three restaurants. There is certainly something for everyone down at Bishop’s Landing and it sure beats hangin’ out at the mall on a Friday night!

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2 Responses to “A Fashionably Late Friday Night”

  1. Ben Says:
    December 6th, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Top Lesson I learned from you that night? Get myself registered at a wine store. Only good things can come of it.

  2. shelagh Says:
    December 7th, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Had fun that night! You must let us know what the wine was like:)

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