Sunday Night Dinner #6: Cold Udon Salad

Cold Udon Salad

Japanese simplicity.

This past Sunday was extra special to us here in Dartmouth. Not only was it the season finale of “Mad Men”, but it was my 36th birthday! I  had but one wish on this blustery Sunday – to sleep in until 7am! But to no avail, as the lil’ people must have sensed something and decided to wake us up at 5:30am.

After many pots of coffee, a birthday party with cake (not for me, but for my nephew Henry who turned 2) and some horrible Sunday afternoon TV (Top Gun was on again!), you would think that I would have gotten a break from cooking for one day. Especially since it was my “big day”! But apparently that option did not exist in my household. With Zoe nipping at my heels wanting her black marker, and Philippe going squirrely in his Jolly Jumper, I told Doug we needed to get outta the house and make a trip to Heiwa Oriental Market on Chebucto Road in Halifax to load up on some provisions for dinner.

It is always a pleasure to go visit Heiwa. The staff is super friendly and as a bonus, they’re able to entertain Little Miss Drama (that’s Zoe) while we browse all of the amazing Korean and Japanese products. Mary, one of the owners, quickly attended to Miss Drama, and offered her some roasted seaweed and rice snacks. Zoe gladly accepted. Philippe got placed in the corner to stare at Pocky boxes and chopsticks, while Doug & I ran around trying to decide what we needed. For starters we grabbed some udon noodles, wakame, and fried tofu . We also picked up a container of Heiwa’s own extra spicy Kimchi.  A few more goodies and a bottle of aloe vera juice and we were off.

Back at home, the kids were bathed and put to bed by daddy dearest while I whipped up a dinner that was to be enjoyed during some prime time TV watching. The line up included East Bound & Down, Dexter and Mad Men.

To prepare this salad, I tossed some cooked udon noodles with mirin, soy sauce and ginger; fried tofu, red pepper and edamame beans. I poached some shrimp, reconstituted some dried shitake mushrooms, steamed some market fresh tatsoi and added them to our salad our salad. A sprinkling of the Japanese red pepper mix was added at the end to spice up our noodles and then we collectively headed towards our couches to pack it in for an evening of relaxation.

Now that I have turned the dreaded “36″, I have come to realize that simplicity in cooking is the only way that I want to go. Goodbye to ring molds, tweezers and hypodermic needles…this lil’ lady is takin’ the simplicity route from now on! Now, what will happen to me when I turn 40? Stay tuned!

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  1. Lee Martin Says:
    October 22nd, 2010 at 10:08 am

    sounds like a wonderful birthday event. Happy 36th!

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