Kunjip In Koreatown – NYC Day 3

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Our third day in New York started off fairly regularly for a Saturday; coffee, bagel and Farmers’ market. It was what we ate on this day that made us realize that we were not in Halifax anymore! Doug decided that he wanted us to get off the beaten path and try something different, hence a trip to Koreatown. Koreatown is found in the few blocks around the ever so famous, Empire State Building. After a bottle of wine in our hotel room,  and a plate of cheese, salami and prosciutto at Il Buco on Bond Street, we headed uptown to find Kunjip Korean Restaurant. After a ten minute walk, we headed down 32nd Street and started looking for this place; needless to say it was easy to find as it was the only restaurant with a line up out the door. We got in line and were quickly offered some menus to browse. Doug, being the adventurous person that he is, decided that he wanted the “Sagol Haejang Guk” (spicy stew of ox-bone and ox-blood). Well, after asking the “maitre’d” what he thought, we heeded his warning and opted for the more user friendly “Kam Ja Tang”; pork bone and potato casserole. While in the line, we also ordered some steamed tofu, “Bo Ssam”(boiled pork belly, oysters and Kimchee) and “Oh Jing Uh Gobdol Bibimbob” (rice with cuttlefish and vegetable). We were finally seated, and quite efficiently and quickly, were served six small plates with Kimchee, pickled zuchinni, pickled tofu, turnip, hot sauce and Korean condiments. We waited anxiously for our dinner, and when it finally arrived, we thought that we would never get through the grotesque amount of food! But, after several glasses of Soju (a rice alcohol similar in taste to vodka) and some heavy breathing we managed to make a fairly large dent in our meal. Finally, I tapped out and told Doug that we needed to walk off the feast. So off we went, waddling away into the busy New York night, with our bellies full of pork, Soju and K-town happiness.

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