My Ten Favorite Cook Books

pork-sons#10. Pork & Sons; Stephane Reynaud

If I could marry this book, I would!  Great recipes and pictures.

made-in-marseille#9. Made In Marseille; Daniel Young

This book has inspired me for many years.  Chick pea “Socca” and “Panisse”, black olives, extra virgin olive oil..yum!


crazy-water-pickled-lemons#8. Crazy Water Pickled Lemons; Diana Henry.

The name of this cook book says it all!


saha#7. Saha; Greg & Lucy Malouf

This book made me want to move to Syria & Lebabnon.  It introduced a plethora of new ingredients to me.


postcards-from-portugal#6. Postcards From Portugal; Tessa Kiros

Sardines, need I say more?


moro#5. Moro; Sam & Sam Clark

Anthony Walsh of Canoe Restaurant in Toronto introduced me to this book back when I worked at Biff’s…thank you Anthony!


the-whole-beast#4. The Whole Beast: Nose To Tail Eating; Fergus Henderson

This book kept me and my kitchen staff very busy one summer when I worked at the Inn At Bay Fortune in PEI.  It was the summer of the “Ham Plan”.


falling-cloudberries#3. Falling Cloudberries; Tessa Kiros

This is another book by Tessa Kiros and it is a collection of her family recipes.  This author was born in London to a Finnish mother and a Greek-Cypriot father.  This is a very eclectic mix of recipes from her ancestors that is guaranteed to keep anybody busy.


a-year-at-les-fougeres#2. A Year At Les Fougeres; Charles Part & Jennifer Warren-Part

This is a very special book to me as it comes from the little restaurant in Chelsea, Quebec where I once cooked.  I was always inspired by Charlie & Jennifer, and was ecstatic when I received this book as a present from my mother a few years ago.  The recipes in this book are close to my heart, and I am proud to say that many of them have found there way onto my own kitchen table.

river-cafe-book-oneriver-cafe-book-two#1. River Cafe Book One and Two; Rose Gray & Ruth Rogers

Both of these books have travelled with me everywhere!  I had them in my suitcases when I moved to the BVI; in my station wagon when I drove from Shawville to Toronto to PEI, and for some reason I have 2 copies of each!  These books describe exactly my philosphy and the way that I cook.  Though I am not Italian, I like to pretend that I am, and cook up elaborate Italian peasant meals.

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