I Feel The Lovage

Lear more about lovage.

Learn more about lovage.

When I was growing up in Quebec, my parents had this big, crazy bush of lovage that I had to walk by everyday.  Everyday that I walked by that bush I complained that it stank and that the smell made me sick to my stomach; typical child behaviour.  To me, lovage was the bane of my existence!  It was only many years later, when I moved to Prince Edward Island to become Executive Chef of The Inn At Bay Fortune, did I have to face my fear.  Working in a kitchen where I changed the menu daily, and depended on the garden for ninety percent of my produce, I realized that lovage and I were going to have to fall in love with each other.  I  took it upon myself to learn about this magical herb, that I could only describe as “celery on crack”.  Lovage grows year round in some parts of the world, and unlike most herbs, when you cook it, it does not lose it’s flavor.  So, out came lovage soups, oils, purees and salads.  It works wonders in a chicken salad sandwich, and pairs perfectly with pears!  I am now proud to admit that the first thing  I planted when we bought our house, was a tiny lovage plant that has now turned into a beautiful, aromatic bush.

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