Shellfish, wine, sun, friends…Success!

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Nothing makes me happier than when a perfect plan comes together…sunny Saturday, friends, food and wine. I was lucky enough to have my friend Nick & his wife Nicole come over to my house with the most spectacular oysters and clams, that Nick’s family harvests. Add some cheeses, bread, veggies & meat that were acquired at the Halifax Farmers’ Market that morning as well as a few more friends and we’ve got a dinner party! The oysters needed nothing but a good scrub and a few shavings of fresh horseradish to be ready to slurp down. The clams were placed on my old school charcoal bbq and grilled until they opened, only to be doused with some fresh lemon juice. The meat and sausages from Roselane Farm were done up on a platter with the most colourful radishes that were picked up from Hutten  Family Farm, and some Red Fife bread from Boulangerie La Vendéenne. The Old Growler & Dragon’s Breath were paired with red pepper jelly that Doug’s Auntie Susan made. All this glorious food was washed down with a little Benjamin Bridge Nova 7 (courtesy of my old co-worker and partner in crime, Darrick). The meal was topped off with ice cream sandwiches from Dee-Dee’s. With a full belly and a rosy glow to my cheeks, my evening was over and I can only look forward to my next one.

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