Lamb Tagine - Toddler Approved.

by Renee Lavallee in ,

I have a number of favorite dishes on rotation in my house. Lamb tagine is definitely one of them! How good is this dish you ask? Well, my two year old boy, Phil - who happens to be the pickiest eater on the planet, gives it two big thumbs up. 

Aside from being toddler approved, this dish is very easy and quite healthy. I usually serve it over brown rice or couscous. 

I recently made this dish at the Select Nova Scotia "Meet Your Farmer" event in Dartmouth. I was fortunate enough to show people how to make this recipe while standing alongside my favourite lamb farmer in the province, Bill Wood of Wood 'n Hart Farm. During this event I received tons of requests to re-post the recipe. I also had some folks ask me if I could put together a video recipe as well. So folks, here it is, lamb tagine...the video.

If you're looking for the full recipe, I actually wrote about this dish in a post from March of 2010. This post can be found here:

Lamb Tagine - complete Recipe and photos