My Story

Renée Lavallée, that’s me! Born and bred in Shawville, Quebec. I left home at an early age in hopes of becoming a lawyer (like Poppa), but after being “politely” asked to leave the university I was attending, my parents gave me a choice: find a new school and buckle down or get a job.

I decided to find a new school. I promptly applied to George Brown College in Toronto and decided to give cooking a shot. After twenty crazy years in the business, including many stints in restaurants in several countries under my slim belt, I have found myself in Nova Scotia - married with two young kids!

Since stepping away from restaurant kitchens over three years ago, I have rediscovered my passion for cooking. More importantly, I have rediscovered my love for sharing this passion. 

This blog is my way of expressing my quirky and sometimes bawdy sense of humour and cooking beliefs.

What I Do

I am a Red Seal Certified Chef, with over 20 years of experience working for some of Canada's top restauranteurs. 

As the Feisty Chef, I combine my extensive background as a chef ith my love for teaching others and creating exceptional culinary experiences. My range of services include the following:

Private Catering

Food Writing

Menu & Recipe Development

Public Appearances

Corporate Cooking Classes